Bradley Cooper: I’m a romantic

bradley_cooper_625015 38-year-old star Bradley Cooper is a true romantic who loves being in a meaningful relationship and sharing a special bond with a woman. He said: ”I consider myself to be a romantic. I love the company of a great woman. I think a relationship works best when both partners have a certain ease in the way they relate to each other and there’s a level of harmony that goes beyond just physical attraction. There’s nothing better when you’re able to share that kind of closeness.”

B1D4EDBF28788EA844C22015777CC8Cooper is currently dating 20-year-old model Suki Waterhouse. The couple met in February this year. The actor admits that he loves surprising women with some movie-like romantic gestures and allows himself to get carried away with feelings. ”I’m trying to be more reflective because I have a tendency to lose perspective. But that’s probably a good thing. Romance is an art form and we probably shouldn’t try to manipulate our affections. I’ve learnt a lot by watching movies and how they present the idea of romance and trying to take the best things about how a couple can enjoy being together,” he said.

Bradley recently took Suki for a romantic mini break in Paris.

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