Bradley Cooper wants to marry Suki Waterhouse

Cooper-082613spx Actor Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse have been dating since February 2013 and the 39-year-old actor wants to get married and start family this year.

Bradley is eager to settle down before he turns 40, but his 22-year-old girlfriend fears she’s too young for marriage. Suki shared this with her best friends Cara Delevingne and Georgia May Jagger.

A source told Yahoo Celebrity: ”Suki’s been texting Cara saying that Bradley wants a wedding before he’s 40, but she’s worried she’s still too young, even though she’s besotted with him. Cara and Georgia May have told her to go with it and let it happen.”

bradley-cooper-19th-critics-choice-movie-awards_4028535Bradley is crazy about Suki and believes she is the one for him. He wants to have kids in the near future and it seems that his girlfriend wants the same.

The insider added: ”Bradley wants children before he’s an ‘old’ father. He adores Suki and she is happy to have children very soon – they basically want the same thing. Her best mates have told her to relax and let it happen – as long as they’re bridesmaids!”

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4 responses to “Bradley Cooper wants to marry Suki Waterhouse”

  1. Lea says:

    When the two want the same thing, why should any fear arise? I understand this I human nature and we all are afraid to make mistakes and we still make the. Life gives you no guarantees, Suki, if you love Bradley, marry him and make your dreams come true as tomorrow can be too late. Life is a very unpredictable thing and you never know what happens the next moment, we are not even sure when is our last breath. Life is a gift, that sir why the time we live in is called present.

  2. Cara says:

    Wow, and this brat Suki Waterhouse is still thinking whether to marry Bradley Cooper or not?! Is she serious? Awe my Gosh! Bradley is the dream of probably half of the women on the planet, and she is the lucky girl who got him, and she is still thinking whether to go for it, or not?! He was just awesome in the movie “Limitless”, after I saw Bradley’s performance in it; I realized that I have a new favorite actor. For some reason I am sure that he is a very romantic man who can make his woman the happiest one in the universe but only if he would really want that to happen, and if she will be special one. There are a lot of men in the world, and they all divide into three basic categories: the ones who are able to love, the ones who are being loved but they do not give much efforts or tenderness back, and the ones that do not really care about all the love and romantics sh**. So eventually Cooper belongs to the first group, and hopefully Suki will soon understand that otherwise she might lose that one and only special person in her life.

  3. Lenny says:

    I think even if those will get married, than this marriage will not last for too long, as Suki Waterhouse is just too young, and probably doesn’t have a lot of experience when it comes to love, as well as probably she haven’t had that many relationships in her life. She didn’t had that much fun as she was supposed to due to her age, and it is quite possible that she will feel herself trapped in a cage as soon as she will marry Bradley Cooper which will eventually lead to misunderstanding and fighting with each other every day. I don’t think that it is something they both are looking for, so maybe it is exactly the time when they should sit for awhile and think a bit about the future? Make some plan, and do not rush the events, as while rushing each other, they can lose the thing that is most important for them, their love towards each other, as well as respect.

  4. Emilia says:

    Getting married? Why not? They are still young, and if the marriage will not work out they can always divorce, especially considering the fact that it is completely a normal thing in Hollywood to get the divorce for every single issue. Especially I am amused while reading the reason of the majority of divorces in the land of dreams, which is: irreconcilable contradictions and only the people who are getting divorced understand what they have meant by it. I just love all of this stuff. Though I do hope that Suki Waterhouse and Bradley Cooper would be able to keep their marriage and family strong till the day when someone of them will die, all that is needed is efforts from both of the sides of the family.