Britney Spears can’t stand Beyoncé

britney-spears Britney Spears’ eighth album, Britney Jean, didn’t debut as she hoped. It’s on the fourth place on the Billboard charts, which is the lowest-selling release in her career, whereas Beyoncé’s surprise album broke records and became the fastest selling ever on iTunes and Britney is furious.

A source told National Enquirer: “Britney’s album is a flop, but rather than take responsibility, she’s saying it’s all Beyoncé’s fault. As crazy as it sounds, Britney honestly believes Beyoncé deliberately timed the release of her album to humiliate her.

“Britney knocked a computer to the ground and forbade anyone in her camp from mentioning Beyoncé’s name or playing her music.”


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2 responses to “Britney Spears can’t stand Beyoncé”

  1. Meredith says:

    Britney is in her manner! Why not work harder and try to get your old fame back by working hard and not complain on the talented and hard-working Beyonce? Every singer has his/her fans and people, who will bye their Itunes or CDs, that is. If your song suck and have low rates, why do you complain? Make them popular, or leave the stage. It is a survival on stage and being inventive and hard-working to follow the modern tendencies and pleasing the modern music listeners.

    • Tessa says:

      Britney better do her job better rather than hating more successful singers! I can tell she is a jealous bitch! Why would Beyonce do this intentionally to spoil her sales? She is just a healthy opponent that is and sick Britney’s minds cannot admit this. Or she perfectly understands what s going on that is hwy bitching even more! If I were her I would work harder and admit the fact that Beyonce is better. That is!