Britney Spears had panic attack at party


Britney Spears reportedly suffered a panic attack at an Oscars party.

The singer came to the event organized by Sir Elton John’s AIDS Foundation but just minutes after arriving, she left the party.

A source told Closer: ”Britney was excited when she first went to the party but moments later she was fazed about being at such an over-crowded event. She started to break out in a sweat and become short of breath, it was like she was having a panic attack.”

Back in 2007 Britney had a public breakdown. She has also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and still isn’t comfortable at overcrowded places.

The insider added: ”Britney still finds large crowds nerve-wracking and doesn’t feel comfortable at showbiz events. The chaos of the red carpet and all the unfamiliar faces is very daunting. She manages to block out the crowd and put on an act when she’s on stage, but it’s harder when she’s socializing.”


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4 responses to “Britney Spears had panic attack at party”

  1. Anthony says:

    Different people have different issues with being in overcrowded places. Many of us cannot stand this as this influences our intimate zone and we all feel discomfort of any kind. Some desperately love attention and being the center of attention. Strange to see that such a famous singer would experience the panic attack being in the situation that is rather ‘normal’ for her. Still, taking into consideration multiple Britney’s mental and psychological disorders, this can be an issue.

  2. Rea says:

    Awe yeah I can totally understand her I feel myself weird when there is a lot of people around me as well. For some reason a crowd of people around me makes me panicking same, as it does to Britney Spears, though we do not have many things in common with her. I might sound rude, but I will be honest, I do not like her behavior by the times when she lost the custody upon both of her children. That was really gross, and she deserved losing them, as she have chosen the love towards a men, instead of putting her children first, so that is the number one reason why I do not respect her, and as a result am not very sorry for her. She deserves everything she has now, just like Justin have sing in his song dedicated to her, what goes around comes back around, so she deserves getting everything she has, or doesn’t have.

  3. Dita says:

    Well everything that has to do with the psychological part of the person’s life is not very new to me, as my aunt suffered from this kind of attacks, so I know how helpless a person can start feeling, and do not wish something like that to any person in the world. And I am very sorry that it happened to Britney Spears, as well as for the fact that it keeps happening to her all the time, considering the fact that she has to work with a lot of people around her all the time, I think she is quite a brave girl, and I wish her all the best things in the world, with her groom, hopefully she finally has found a trustworthy man who will treat her the way she really deserves, as though she have done many wrong things, she is not a bad girl at all, she just met the wrong people in the wrong time of her life, that was the factor that moved her out of the good path she was walking on.

  4. Morgan says:

    Mm, something bad always is happening to Britney Spears, damn it, this girl is like a magnet for the bad things in life, and I feel sorry for her, I am sure it makes her life much more difficult as it already is. She is a very good girl, and always was one of the best ones, it just happened that she met a wrong guy who was only after her money, while she really had feelings for him, and this lack of justice made her being very depressed which resulted in the mistakes she made, but the worse thing Kevin could ever do to her, is make her addicted to drugs and after that taking their children away from her just in order to prove her one more time how bad she is for him, it’s just like he tried harming and wounding her as much as he could, the only thing I don’t really understand is why was he so mean to her, what bad thing she could possibly do to him, if he even lived on her expense.