Bruce Willis and wife expecting baby

emma-heming-bruce-willis-uk-film-premiere-of_3776560 As reports, Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Heming are going to be parents for the second time.

The actor and the 35-year-old model, who already have a daughter, Mabel, are expecting their second child together. A source confirmed the news to after Emma was spotted showing off her baby bump at a farmer’s market in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Bruce had previously said he was so happy with Emma it made no difference to him whether they had more kids or not. He said: ”I’d like to have a thousand more children, or zero more children. It doesn’t matter. Emma makes me feel great.”

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One response to “Bruce Willis and wife expecting baby”

  1. Phillipe says:

    I can see how happy the couple is. They have found each other. I am happy to see their happy and radiant faces and they do not care for age difference, what others will say or whether they will have more kids or not. This is the love I dream about I am happy they were blessed with the second child no matter what people say I believe children unite partners even tighter. Still, when there is no right link between them, no kids would save the marriage. I hope they keep on smiling so happily together till the rest of their life.