Bruce Willis ‘unbearable’ to work with

bruce-1593134 Bruce Willis admits that he is unbearable to work with when he is away from his family. The actor always insists his wife Emma Heming and their 15-month-old daughter, Mabel Ray, join him when he is on location.

He said: ”I’m fortunate that I get to bring my family with me when I travel. It would be impossibly unbearable for anyone I’m working with if I didn’t have my family with me. I’d just be moaning about that. I have a little baby and I like to hang out with her every day.”

Willis says that the most important thing is to pay attention to your spouse in order to make the marriage work. He explained: ”Attention must be paid to your family and your friends and how you treat them. I don’t think there’s anything more important than that.”

Bruce+Willis+Emma+Heming+Willis+Celebs+Red+8G3qz9LQGGSlThe action movie star also admits that he doesn’t do his own stunts anymore for fear of being ”scolded” by his wife. He said: ”I do let the stuntmen take over. I don’t do that many stunts. I would do the stunts if I could but I’m not allowed to ever, ever – they hurt. I wouldn’t mind being hurt. I mean, I get hurt all the time, but I’ll get scolded if I do them.”

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