Bryan Cranston: ‘Aaron Paul is like a son to me’

aaron-paul-bryan-cranston-breaking-bad-final-episodes_3791383 Even though Breaking Bad ended several months ago, Bryan Cranston has remained close to his co-star Aaron Paul.

The two actors are in contact all the time and Bryan says that Aaron is ”like a son” to him.

He said: ”We’re very close.┬áHe’s my pal for life. He’s just like a son to me. Not just that but he’s a really fantastic actor, and I have to say that he’s an even better person.”

Cranston is currently performing on Broadway, portraying former US president Lyndon B. Johnson in All the Way. He really enjoys performing on stage and finds it very powerful.

bryan-cranston-the-20th-annual-screen-actors_4030634He told Rolling Stone magazine: ”There’s more immediate reward on this stage then there was on the Breaking Bad set. You’re in the moment. You can say something and then hear an audience gasp or just hear them feel a sentence. Or laugh. It’s very powerful. With television and film, it’s different. It’s fun too but you have to wait a long time for that indulgence.”

Asked if he would reprise his role in forthcoming Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul, Bryan said: ”I have no idea. Possibly? I’d be open to it for sure! It’d be fun to go back into the New Mexico desert and play with all my old friends.”

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One response to “Bryan Cranston: ‘Aaron Paul is like a son to me’”

  1. Miranda says:

    I am very happy to hear about such great acting tandems! It is great when there is a harmony on a shooting stage then the movies turns really well out. It is great to know that both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are not only striking actors, but also great people and best friends. This is so nice that cinematograph unites people.