Candy Spelling urges Tori to forgive Dean McDermott

John Varvatos 9th Annual Stuart House Benefit Presented By Chrysler - Inside While Dean McDermott is at a rehab after he allegedly admitted to cheating on his wife Tori Spelling, Candy Spelling, Tori’s mother, has urged her daughter to try to save her marriage.

Even though Dean was accused of having affairs with multiple women, Candy believes her daughter should stand by him and give their marriage another chance for the sake of their four kids.

A source told ”Candy certainly is not a big fan of Dean at the moment, because of the hell he has put her daughter through. But she does recognize that he is a great father and he does love Tori. Tori finally confided with her mom, about her ultimate fear that Dean could cheat on her tori-spelling-january-2014again in the future. It was a very open and honest conversation. At the end of it, Candy told her daughter, ‘You will never know unless you try.’ Since Dean did decide to get help, Candy thought that he at least deserved another chance.”

According to a source close to the actress, Tory is hoping to get her marriage back on track.

”She is going to forgive him, but will never forget what happened. The real question is going to be if Tori can ever trust Dean again,” the insider said.


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4 responses to “Candy Spelling urges Tori to forgive Dean McDermott”

  1. Tina says:

    It is not hard to forgive, it is hard to trust again. The fears that Tori has are very clear to me since my husband has cheated on me and I would out about it recently. This was an unpleasant surprise for my Christmas as well as Tori’s. We do not have kids, but I still want to save the marriage. The marriage is saved not for the sake of kids, but for the sake of love and one cheating cannot kill love anyways. The fears of being cheated on again are very clear to me, but Candy spelling is right, you will never know until you give him a chance. I wish all the best to you, Tori, stay strong and believe in the best.

  2. Ernie says:

    I feel sorry for Tori Spelling, all of her life she was fighting with her almighty mom Candy Spelling, that was not allowing her to live normally, as she was always pushing Tori to do things that she never really wanted to do, and every time Tori was doing something she was never happy about it, she never gave any kind of love to her daughter, neither love nor tenderness or warm feeling of a family. I think that is why Tori has decided to create a big family, that is because she missed having family all the time while she was growing, and it is the fault of her bossy mom. And from the other side, it is also Candy’s fault that Tori grew up being a very kind and loving woman, she is crazy about her children, as well as she is crazy about her husband, who nevertheless doesn’t deserve even to be called that after he had cheated on her and on her trust upon him. Tori have fight so hard with her mom and the entire family in order to be with him, and all that he did was paying her back with betrayal. I am sure she will forgive him as she is crazy about him, but hopefully she will make him suffer first, maybe that would keep him away from the other women.

  3. Briana says:

    Poor Tori, she always struggles for the things she loves, and the bad thing is that she always struggles for them on her own. That is what happens when there is no reliable man around. Dean McDermott has never been a reliable person, as before Tori Spelling he has had another family with kids also, and he started his relationship with Tori while being married with that other woman, so if that didn’t stopped him the first time, than why would it stop him the second time? The truth is I really hoped that something like that will never happen with Tori, as this girl really went through a lot in order to be with the man she has chosen. Her mom is a tough cookie, and if she wants something, or doesn’t want something to happen than it is really hard fighting with her. And I remember I read a bunch of articles stating how much she was against her daughter’s wedding with Dean, she even told her daughter that she will leave her with no money or family’s funds, but even those threats didn’t stop Tori from choosing her one and only true love. Unfortunately that love was not the best choice a wonderful woman like Tori can make.

  4. Radha says:

    Once again in my life I am persuading myself that everything in this life has two sides of the coin, and everything that we do later comes back to us. Dean McDermott was not a single man by the time when Tori Spelling has met him, but that didn’t stop her from having an affair with a married man. Did she really care about the other woman who had kids with him, who was his wife and who was obviously suffering a lot because her husband was cheating on her? Of course not, when why should anyone be sorry for the fact that Dean has cheated on Tori? He just did the thing he is best in, especially considering the quantity of his children, so here I cannot say anything good or bad about him, he is just being himself. As for Tori everything is pretty “fuc**d up”, she used to fight a lot with her powerful and wealthy family in order to have the chance to be with the man she loves- Dean, and eventually he didn’t saw all of her efforts regarding their relationship, as this is the only possible explanation that comes to my mind. How could he behave like this considering that he has four children with Tori, and the worse thing is that he really loves his wife and feels like sh** now. As about the rehab I think it is a total waste of money as well as of time, no one can cure him from that, as it is not a disease.