Carey Mulligan gets freaked out when people are looking at her

Carey-Mulligan-Met-Gala-2013-600x450 With fame comes the attention and that’s a fact. However, it seems that not everybody is aware of that. Carey Mulligan, for instance, says she hates it when someone recognizes her and gets freaked out when people are looking at her. She also can’t handle well being surrounded by press and admits she would break down at a red carpet.

”I don’t like photos. I used to be much worse on the red carpet. I’d just sort of stand there. By the time I’d got to the end I’d be in tears. My publicist would have to clean me up, smooth me down and push me into whatever event I was going to. I’m slightly better now. But people looking at me, that freaks me out,” the actress said.

imagesShe has learned to control her emotions better and that lead her to choosing more dramatic roles so her audience would have different reaction every time they watched her in a movie. She said: ”I like doing something dramatically different every time. I don’t want the audience to think of me as myself. That’s why I ended up losing my hair. I dyed it peroxide blond for Public Enemies. It turned to straw. And I got stuck with the short hair thing.”

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