Carey Mulligan impressed with Coen Brothers

carey-mulligan-bfi-london-film-festival-inside_3907414 Being in a Coen Brothers movie is such a great honor for Carey Mulligan that when she was initially approached by the famous duo she couldn’t believe it was happening.

Appearing on The Today Show with Matt Lauer, Mulligan said: ”I was filming The Great Gatsby in Sydney and I got an email and the subject line was ‘The new Cohen Brothers movie’, and that’s the moment my heart stopped really, because you never even think you can get a chance to even audition for a Cohen Brothers film.

”Then I came to Los Angeles and I was doing press and they asked me to audition, so I did in my hotel room, of this very angry young women.”

The 28-year-old actress also commented on her previous statement that she would rather do a nude scene than sing in a film.

carey-mulligan-dazzles-in-yellow_3907291”That’s true in a weird way. In the context of this film, we had the most incredible people … T-Bone Burnett produced all the music and he’s a living legend. And Justin Timberlake, I have to sing with him, and he’s a decent singer, so that’s something to contend with. The prospect of baring my voice in front of all of them was a little bit… I spare everybody my singing apart from when I do it in performance,” Carey explained.

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One response to “Carey Mulligan impressed with Coen Brothers”

  1. Samanta says:

    A normal reaction of a young actress… We all have our idols and Coen Brothers have become the one for her. I can only imagine how excited the girl was. At the same time this was a very happy moment that she will remember for all her life I am sure – the moment to touch a legend, a moment when one of your cherished dreams came true.