Carmen Electra ‘happily single’

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Carmen Electra and Tal Cooperman recently ended their brief romance, but the actress doesn’t seem to be grieving.

Carmen says she enjoys being single and isn’t looking for new boyfriend right now, however, she hasn’t ruled out another relationship in the near future.

Speaking to E! News, she said, ”I’m happily single,” and explained: ”I’m a relationship girl. I’ve always been in long-term relationships, so you know, this is the first year that I’m actually taking my time and not jumping into anything and taking it slow and having fun.”

Asked what type of men she prefers, Carmen said: ”Obviously, he has to be somewhat of a bad boy because I’m always attracted to that.”


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One response to “Carmen Electra ‘happily single’”

  1. Monica says:

    She is beautiful and successful. I am glad such a great person is happy even being smile. I have seen her interview and she was constantly smiling with her radiant white one million smile! I can tell how happy she is. I just hope this smile is not for the public to convince us she is happy.