Carmen Electra has new boyfriend


Following the Hollywood trend, Carmen Electra found herself a significantly younger boyfriend. The 41-year-old actress is currently dating Tal Cooperman, a 30-year-old clothing designer.

The couple met three months ago through mutual friends.

Speaking to E! News, Carmen said: ”We are taking it slow and really trying to get to know each other, but so far we are really happy! He’s gorgeous and a lot of fun.”

A source close to the couple also revealed: ”They met about three months ago when a mutual friend introduced them. They hit it off right away. The age difference doesn’t bother either of them, it doesn’t matter. Tal’s a mature guy.”

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One response to “Carmen Electra has new boyfriend”

  1. Brad says:

    The tendency of celebrities choosing eth younger partners is spreading widely. Now the turn has come to Carmen Electra. I missed this sexy idol on stage for a long time and now some young freaking guy has take n her heart! Where is the justice in the world?! Hopefully, Tal doesn’t stay with her long and if, he does I want to believe he is a mature man.