Cate Blanchett thought her movie career was over

cate-blanchett-bafta It really surprised Cate Blanchett that Woody Allen wanted her to star in his new movie Blue Jasmine, since she believed her movie career was over after deciding to focus on theater work in Australia.

Cate is one of the favorites for Best Actress Oscar award next month, but she didn’t think she would ever get the chance to win an Academy Award again.

She said: “It was incredibly unexpected, I’ve been working in the Sydney theater with my husband for the last six years, and I thought I didn’t have a film career to return to. Actress years are incredibly short, so it was a great surprise to get the call.”

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3 responses to “Cate Blanchett thought her movie career was over”

  1. John says:

    Cate Blancett is a great actress, beautiful and very talented. I am surprised to know she thought he movie actress career was over. The years are not short dear, when the actress is as good as you are. You just need to believe in your forces and know what you really want in life. I am happy that Cate is getting back o the screens and that I will have my personal pleasure of seeing her acting in a new movie. I am really very excited!

  2. Timbolino says:

    How can this be that a career is ended for such a gorgeous and talented actress such as Cate Blanchett? I think this lady underestimates her a bunch. She needs more confidence and forces to fight for her happiness, rights and career success. I am sure this lady will have many more interesting roles in upcoming movies. She just needs to be confident and wish for that. Or dreams come true if you make them goals and start acting!

  3. Linda says:

    Well what can I say, Cate Blanchett really deserved the call from Woody Allen, as she is a great actress and it is a pity that she left the carrier of cinema actress for the sake of the theater one, as after shows in the theater there is nothing left, but if performing in the cinema than there will be left the tape with the movie where she performed and many generations would be able to watch it over and over again. That is totally a great thing I guess. She really is lucky as the fact that she got a role in Hollywood after six years of not showing up there is already speaking of itself, but the fact that she got a role from Woody Allen is simply amazing, I think every actress is dreaming of performing in his movie, as each of his movies are a great and total success.