Celebrities React to Boston Bombing Arrests

Alyssa-milano After the arrest of the second suspect in Boston bombing Twitter was once again flooded by the reactions of celebrities. They mainly express relief and gratitude, as well as desire for justice. Alyssa Milano was impressed by the reaction of the officers: “I am so blown away by the police officers and all 1st responders in Boston. Awesome bravery. I salute you! #BostonStrong.”

Olivia Wilde wrote: “So goddamn relieved. Boston, I love you. May the bars stay open till dawn.” Josh Groban sent his support to people of Boston: “So happy that the brave city of Boston can breathe some sigh of relief tonight after being held hostage.” Olivia-Wilde

Elizabeth Banks congratulated the officials: “Standing ovation for the Boston PD and all the Massachusetts first responders. #MassPride.” Jenny McCarthy did the same: “Boston Police, FBI and all law enforcement… Thank you for kicking ass. #respect.”


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