Celebrities who drive hybrid cars

Even though rich and famous love big expensive cars that continue to be status symbols, it’s good to know that more and more celebrities are turning green. There are many stars who are opting for eco-friendly cars. Not only that they are supporting green cause that way, but they are also raising the awareness and getting more people to think about protecting the environment. Check out which celebs drive hybrid cars.

Leonardo DiCaprio







For years, DiCaprio has been a huge proponent of green initiatives. He was the first celeb to own, and spread the word about the Toyota Prius in 2001. DiCaprio has owned several hybrids and electrics over the years, including the Tesla Roadster, which is fully-electric.

Woody Harrelson







Woody is a well-known environmental activist who’s championed the causes of veganism and conservation, so it’s only natural that he would drive an eco-friendly car. He owns a 2000 Volkswagen Beetle TDI that runs on biodiesel, and keeps a tank of the alternative fuel at his Maui home at all times. “Because the Hawaiian islands are so isolated, we have the unique opportunity and responsibility to be the model of sustainable living for the rest of the world,” he told The Honolulu Advertiser.

Cameron Diaz







Diaz has been a vocal proponent of hybrid cars, and has been photographed extensively by the media while zooming around town in her Prius. “It gets 52 miles per gallon in the city. Isn’t that exciting?” Cameron Diaz said about her hybrid car in an interview with Jay Leno. Diaz went on to say in the interview, “The craziest thing is, ’cause all of a sudden you just, like, you’re sitting at the stop sign. And you can’t hear anything. And you’re like, ‘My car has died!’ And then all of a sudden you step on the gas, and you’re going again.”

Will Ferrell







Will was the first U.S. citizen to get his hands on a BMW Hydrogen 7 and use it as a daily driver. The actor is a member of the Hydrogen 7 Pioneer Program, which put keys to the hydrogen-run cars in the hands of celebrities and industry leaders to take advantage of their influence in the mainstream.

Ryan Gosling







Ever since Gosling shot part of a documentary in Africa, he has spoken out against the conditions of Darfur refugee camps. In 2007, he wore a special pin at the Oscars to show support for Amnesty International’s campaign for a more humane diamond trade. The actor is a proud owner of Toyota Prius and he has been spotted driving it on numerous occasions.

Paris Hilton







Paris isn’t known for her eco-friendliness when it comes to cars — the hotel heiress has owned a Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Lexus LFA supercar — but in 2007, she revealed that her fleet of expensive cars also contained a full-size 2008 GMC Yukon hybrid. “Tonight I came in the hybrid car because I think that’s the new way to go… to save energy and, you know, save our earth from all this, you know, pollution,” she explained at an event. “I think if everyone just takes the steps to do it, it will make a big difference.”

George Clooney







George Clooney is the proud owner of a Tango 600, a one-passenger fully-electric car. “We are going to have to find a way to get away from oil,” he told The Sunday Times in 2008. “It has to start with someone, somewhere, changing policy. I try and be photographed in the Tango and hope that someone thinks it’s a good idea.”

America Ferrera

America Ferrera






Ferrera won her Prius in an auction with a bid of $35,000–about $10,000 more than the car’s market value. The proceeds of the Hot in Hollywood celebrity auction benefited AIDS charities. The actress added the Prius to the other hybrid sitting in her garage — a Toyota Highlander.

Alicia Silverstone







Alicia is a supporter of PETA and she is advocate of eco-friendly lifestyle. She is aware that driving hybrid cars has many benefits and that’s why she bought herself Toyota Prius Liftback.






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