Celebrities who have anger issues

One of the most famous supermodels ever, Naomi Campbell, is one hot tempered woman and that got her in trouble more than once. She has a history of assaulting people – she beat up her assistant, threw a cell phone at her maid, assaulted her driver and even kicked and spat at police. But, Naomi is not the only celebrity with anger issues. Here are some others.

Nicolas Cage








Cage was arrested after an abusive drunken scene and tirade in New Orleans’ French Quarter on April 16, 2011. The trouble apparently began when Cage and his wife, Alice Kim, were walking by a house that Cage said they were renting. When Kim disagreed, Cage allegedly grabbed her arm. He then tried to hail a cab and angrily started striking passing vehicles. When confronted by a police officer, he started yelling at the officer. Cage was arrested on charges of domestic abuse battery, disturbing the peace and public drunkenness.

Christian Bale








In 2008 The Dark Knight star Christian Bale was arrested after allegedly assaulting his mother and sister at their shared hotel on Sunday night. Bale is alleged to have attacked his mother Jenny, 61, and sister Sharon, 40, at London’s Dorchester Hotel – with the pair filing their allegation at a police station in Hampshire, England. Bale is also famous for his 2009 tantrum on the set of Terminator 3. The actor was caught on audio tape unleashing a barrage of insults aimed at Shane Hurlbut, the film’s cinematographer who accidentally stepped into the actor’s view while filming.

Kelly Osbourne








Kelly Osbourne was arrested for allegedly slapping a journalist in a London nightclub in 200. She was arrested for common assault relating to an alleged incident in the Soho area of London in the early hours of 29th August 2008. The allegations stemmed from a claim that Osbourne hit gossip columnist Zoe Griffin after Griffin wrote an article mocking Osbourne’s then-boyfriend Luke Worrall.

Sean Penn

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Penn served 33 days in jail after assaulting a photographer on a film set in 1987, during his marriage to Madonna. Later in their marriage, he was charged with felony domestic assault. The two divorced in 1989. On Feb. 19, 2010, he was charged with battery and vandalism over an Oct. 2, 2009, incident in which he allegedly approached and kicked a photographer, breaking his camera. The incident was caught on camera by TMZ.com.

Chris Brown








On Feb. 9, 2009, Brown was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats after an alleged altercation with Rihanna. A leaked photo of the bruised and beaten singer later surfaced on the Internet. On Aug. 25, he was sentenced to five years probation and 180 days of community labor.

Russell Crowe








Crowe lost it on June 6, 2005, when he couldn’t dial his wife in Australia at 4 a.m. from his Soho hotel room. After ripping the offending phone from the wall, Crowe threw it at the face of Mercer Hotel employee Nestor Estrada. On November 18, 2005, the Gladiator star pleaded guilty to third-degree assault before a Manhattan judge, who ordered Crowe to pay a $160 court surcharge and released him without jail time on condition he not be arrested for the next year.

Charlie Sheen








In 2009 Sheen was very publicly arrested for assaulting his then wife Brooke Mueller. Months later he was arrested in a New York hotel room after the woman he was with rang the police in fear. Sheen had spiraled into a rage hurling insults and threatening violence on adult movie star Capri Anderson when he was unable to find his wallet or mobile phone. Sheen tossed around furniture and caused over $7000 worth of damage to the room.

Alec Baldwin








Alec is probably one of the angriest celebrities ever. In 2007, an angry voicemail Baldwin left for his daughter, Ireland, was leaked onto the Internet. In the message, which he left because Ireland didn’t answer his call at a pre-arranged time, the actor called her a “thoughtless little pig” and threatened to fly from New York to Los Angeles to “straighten her out.”

After being released from a hospital in February of 2010, Baldwin reportedly “grabbed New York Post photographer Tim Wiencis by the collar. Cops immediately pulled the actor off Wiencis and hustled him back inside.”

In 2011, Baldwin was escorted off an American Airlines flight after he refused to quit playing Words with Friends. According to reports, he quickly became belligerent with the flight attendant who had has asked him to turn off his phone. A crew member on board said that he was violent, abusive and aggressive.

In 2012 he assaulted a photographer after he snapped a photo of him and HIlaria Thomas. He did the same thing last year when a paparazzo tried to photograph his wife and baby.


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One response to “Celebrities who have anger issues”

  1. Trevor says:

    We are all human after all. Some cope with anger management better then the others. Some enjoy violence and do not find other ways out on how to let the steam out. Well, Alec Baldwin is definitely very protective to his family, but he finds not the best ways of solving the problems. Many people get abusive when drunk and beaten Rihanna is the brightest example to my mind this is very sad, but this is part of life.