Channing Tatum’s worries about ‘Magic Mike’ sequel

1354717507_channing-tatum-article After revealing that he is developing Magic Mike sequel, Channing Tatum now says he is nervous that Steven Soderbergh will return for the movie, but not as director.

Soderbergh is planning to retire so he will sign up as director of photography. Tatum said: “He really wants to be done directing movies. We’ll see. I wish people would lobby him to finish what he started: ‘Come on, man! Stop being stubborn and come back’. I’ve said that to him, but he is a very fixed-in-his-ways guy, and if he says it, it is hard to change. That’s sort of where we are at – either Reid Carolin and I will direct it together, or we’ll have Greg Jacobs direct. He worked as a producer on the movie and has been Steven’s right-hand man for almost 25 movies. Right now, we’re just trying to clean up the story, and then we’ll make a decision.”

Channing-Tatum-2013 Channing admits it won’t be easy for him to direct after Soderbergh. He said: “It is hard for me and Reid to direct after one of the greatest directors of our time. Steven… has said he would shoot it; he would Dp it… but he is such an opinionated and talented man, if he wants to do a five-minute tracking shot through a forest, you don’t want to doubt him.”

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