Charlie Hunnam: Pacific Rim filming was like an ‘elliptical machine’

Charlie+Hunnam+4i7n8ypBHvtm British actor Charlie Hunnam says that filming Pacific Rim was like being on an ”elliptical machine”. He plays Raleigh Becket in the science fiction film and certain scenes were quite a challenge for the actor since he and his co-stars had to navigate robots.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said: ”My co-stars had all been in there beforehand, and so I had heard all of the horror stories, and I thought, ‘God, you know, these Hollywood actors, let me show you how a real man is going to handle this situation. And then I got in and I realized I had grossly underestimated the demand of this thing. It’s like being on an elliptical machine for 14 hours a day, on hardest resistance, wearing a suit of armor that weighs 40 pounds.”

guillermo-del-toro-charlie-hunnam-comic-conHowever, Hunnam really enjoyed working with Mexican director¬†Guillermo Del Toro¬†who is so fascinated by the actor that he promised to include him in his future projects. ”He’s just a sweetheart to work with. He’s a very, very, just kind and generous and collaborative man. I can’t speak highly enough of him. He’s certainly expressed an interest in me being in all of his English language films from now on,” Charlie said.

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