Charlie Sheen donates $50,000 to charity

charlie-sheen Charlie Sheen has donated $50,000 to a charity organization called My Friend’s Place.

This organization helps young homeless people in Hollywood.

Heather Carmichael, the executive director of My Friend’s Place, thanked the actor in a note that reads: ”On behalf of the homeless youth My Friend’s Place serves, thank you for your generous gift of $50,000. Your support helps us provide life-changing services that nourish the body, inspire the mind and equip for a brighter future. Together we are able to care deeply for each of the 1,700 who walk through our doors by supporting their journey of homeless and into stability and well-being.”

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2 responses to “Charlie Sheen donates $50,000 to charity”

  1. Monica says:

    I cannot understand this scandalous person and his drug, alcohol and porn addition, but what he does for many people of the world needing material help is beyond words. I am happy to hear that Charlie Sheen is doing charity and that he helps people, who really need it. Hope this donation will help many homeless people to find a shelter. I believe Charlie is not as desperate as many portray him in mass media.

  2. Gregory says:

    This dude is a controversial personality. He does so many bad and scandalous things and is definitely not a cal and reasonable person lately, but at the same time, Charlie surprises us with charities and donation of different amounts and kinds. I admire him for his great help to people, who need it. This deserves my admiration.