Charlie Sheen excused from jury duty

charlie Charlie Sheen has been dismissed from jury service before he even started.

Sheen was not chosen to serve on a jury and was dismissed after serving his civic duty by reporting for service. He never even got placed on a jury panel, so he never actually made it into a courtroom as a prospective juror.

As TMZ reports, the actor spent the day in the Jury Assembly Room, organizing his bets for the World Series and taking pictures with fans.

When he turned up at court he said what type of case he was hoping for: “Probably, like, a multiple homicide case, something really interesting. But everybody’s innocent until proven guilty, right? At least they used to be, right?”

0924-charlie-sheen-tmz-court-completion-3But after spending the day in the jury assembly room, Charlie was released from duty. He received a certificate proving he had turned up as instructed and fulfilled his commitment.


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