Charlie Sheen forcing Denise Richards to move out


According to, Charlie Sheen has a buyer for the Beverly Hills mansion his ex-wife Denise Richards lives in.

The actor wants Denise and their two daughters, as well as Denise’s adopted daughter, to move out as soon as possible.

A source told the website: ”Charlie’s lawyers have advised Denise it’s time to move out of the Mulholland Estates mansion. He has claimed to have a buyer for the home lined up. Charlie wants Denise and the girls out – right away. Put simply, he doesn’t seem to care where Denise moves to.”

Charlie bought the house for Denise and kids in 2011, but since he hasn’t seen his daughters in several months, he believes his ex-wife no longer deserves the property.

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4 responses to “Charlie Sheen forcing Denise Richards to move out”

  1. Harry says:

    Charlie Sheen is definitely an egocentric person. He doesn’t care for the women, he falls out of love. Then it all starts to be about the money – no respect, no gratefulness for the kids he has had in a marriage is left there. The real man would have cared where his wife would move into after leaving eth mansion. Still, a real man having so much money as Charlie ahs would have left this mansion to his ex and her kids, but if not looked for a cheaper property. Strange enough Charlie is leading this game – not a male behavior at all. He is a real badass!

  2. Rosie says:

    Well although I highly dislike Charlie Sheen for the mean person that he really is, I should say that I quite agree with the fact that he wants Denise Richards as well as girls out from the house that he bought for them, and his reason is pretty obvious, of course he doesn’t feel very well while not seeing his daughters for such a long period of time, and understands that if they would really wanted to see their dad than there wouldn’t be anything that would ever stop them from doing that. But the truth is that the girls don’t really want that as they don’t do anything about it. I feel sorry for Charlie, as no matter how many problems he went through with his ex wife, it is his children, and of course it hurts him seeing that they do not want to communicate with him, or having him in their lives, so if they do not want that, then why should he want that.

  3. Gina says:

    I guess it is an awful thing to do, Charlie Sheen during his life with Denise Richards, has done many bad things he cannot be proud of, but kicking his own daughters as well as their mother from the house there they live for almost three years sounds already like too much, and like the fact that it is the time to stop doing that and start being a normal person who cares about his family. I cannot imagine where does Denise Richards is getting all of her power as I imagine how painful it probably is for her to go through all those things. Their life with Charlie was not an example for other couples for sure, but still there were many good moments in it as well, so I guess at least for the sake of those moments would be nice to behave more decently with each other, especially considering that they have two amazing daughters with each other.

  4. Latifa says:

    I think it is a new way of torturing Denise Richards for Charlie Sheen, I have no idea why is he hating her so much, what did she done to him so bad that he cannot forgive or forget that for so many years in a row. As far as I remember the articles I have read about them, he was the one who used to kick her a lot, and there were a lot of times than Denise was going out having her bruises covered with the makeup, but still they were quite obvious for the people around. So how can Charlie hate so much the woman who was tolerating that much violence from him, but still never wrote any complaint to the police about it, though if I have been on her place than I would totally do it, a man who raises his hand on a woman doesn’t deserve being called a man anymore.