Charlie Sheen: Judge’s robe will burn!

81167379fb003-7th-annual-ch Charlie Sheen is furious that Brooke Mueller’s brother, Scott, has been given guardianship of their four-year-old sons. The main problem here is that the judge allowed Scott and the kids to live in the same house with Brooke.

As TMZ reports, Sheen has blasted the move as an ”irresponsible sham” and predicted it will end in disaster.

Here’s what the actor allegedly told his friends: ”This pig circus overflowing with buffoons, sycophants and heretics cannot be trusted to safely raise a colony of ferrets. Brooke will fail and her brother will be selling his ass under a pier and the evil nanny will die from ugly. When, not if, this psychotic and desperately irresponsible sham goes sideways, DCFS will burn to the ground, topped off with the smoldering robe of the judge.”

brooke-mueller-max-bob-ffn-3Brooke’s brother, Scott, filed for guardianship rights with the boys after Denise Richards, who was Max and Bob’s temporary guardian, said to the court she couldn’t take care of the children anymore because of their aggressive behavior towards her daughters and pet dogs. Denise attributed the twins’ violence to time spent with Brooke and said the boys suffered terrible nightmares after spending time with their mother.

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One response to “Charlie Sheen: Judge’s robe will burn!”

  1. Sam says:

    Charlie is not changing at all! Well, I bet his kids would feel better without such a father. Still, they are not guilty for that and I am very sorry they have to suffer. I hope this try will come to an end soon and the ending will be happy. It is very sad to see how people, who loved each other now, have a battle over the kids’ custody. This is insane. Besides, the kids are already said to have the aggressive behavior. I can imagine. They need a peaceful family and education not just courts and stupid mother-father confrontation.