Charlie Sheen ordered to apologize to Denise

denise-richards-charlie-sheen-467- Negative publicity is not something network bosses at FX appreciate so they ordered Charlie Sheen to end his feud with Denise Richards.

The Anger Management star has sent some offensive messages to his ex-wife but the TV show bosses made him apologize to Richards.

A source said: ”The executives told him he had to tone down the negative rhetoric towards Denise Richards because it was getting so much negative publicity. After Charlie posted those disgusting messages on Twitter that Denise was a pig and media ho, the bosses stepped in and said enough.”

The insider added: ”Charlie is spiraling out of control right now, and making matters worse is that his three most trusted advisers recently quit. The people that used to be able to talk him off the ledge in the past, just aren’t there. Charlie deleted all of the negative posts about Denise from his Twitter profile and did issue a mea culpa to Denise.”

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2 responses to “Charlie Sheen ordered to apologize to Denise”

  1. Zac says:

    Charlie Sheen definitely has nothing to do with the anger management. I believe he needs to attend a course of the manners and right polite behavior. This was sad to know he was made to ask for forgiveness from his ex wife. I am sad he didn’t realized he needs to do that as a real man, nota a star that need to watch his good name and reputation, but the true man, who have insulted a woman. Shame on you, Charlie, you are no longer the celebrity I like! You have changed drastically recently.

  2. Sheila says:

    Charlie is a Jerk, but have you seen, what happened to Denise recently? Why she has got so think and looks unhealthy to me? Maybe due to the stress that the ex spouse causes her for the kids custody? I have always liked Denise Richards appearance when she was slightly curvier. I am a big woman who is in the process of losing weight, and Denise was always one of the women whose bodies inspired me. I want to be curvy, not very thin. I think she still looks good, but I hope she doesn’t lose any (more) weight because I think that she looks sick. Besides, as we women approach our late 30s and early 40s, being rail thin tends to make us look older.