Charlie Sheen wants to ‘make amends’ with Chuck Lorre

Charlie-Sheen-Sighting----007 Charlie Sheen is trying to reconnect with his former TV boss Chuck Lorre.

The feud between them started back in 2011 when Sheen publicly called Lorre a “stupid little man”, which led to his firing from hit TV show Two And A Half Men. The actor continued to slam Lorre throughout last year, but now he is willing to end the feud and has even proposed a new project.

Charlie took to Twitter on Sunday and wrote: “hey Chuck, I have an idea that u need to hear after I make amends to you and yours. which I will do in person.”

Lorre has yet to respond to the proposal.


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One response to “Charlie Sheen wants to ‘make amends’ with Chuck Lorre”

  1. Tommy says:

    Is it new Charlie Sheen’s trick? He needs to learn that he cannot simply insult people and get out unpunished. What he does is disgusting. I hope he wants to improve things. Or maybe this is just a great way to start a new project and earn money. Well, much in Hollywood is about the money. Charlie has frustrated me in the last year of his “deeds”.