Charlie Sheen’s ex hires bodyguards

charlie-sheen-brooke-mueller_1 Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, has hired bodyguards to protect her from the actor.

Brooke, who was denied restraining order against her ex-husband, believes she might be in danger and told the court Charlie was a ”very dangerous man”. She said to the judge: ”I am extremely scared of petitioner (Sheen). He does not respect Court orders and he has stated that he has authorized security guards to take the children out of my home regardless of what orders are in place. I am very scared of what else he may do. He is capable of anything.”

”I believe the petitioner is a very dangerous man. Petitioner has a lot of connections with people willing to do his dirty business. I have not been alone since hearing petitioner’s threats as I am fearful that petitioner will come after me or send someone after me to hurt me. I have hired security guards to stay me commencing last Friday (November 1),” Mueller added.

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One response to “Charlie Sheen’s ex hires bodyguards”

  1. Amanda says:

    Poor Brooke! I feel pity for her! What we see as Charlie’s latest behavior, he can be indeed a very dangerous man! I feel bad that they had to share their kids this sway and that Charlie doesn’t obey the law neither does he the court decision. If I were Brooke I would also hire a body guards for me and kids and I would change the place of living. Safety comes first no matter of he is going to follow his threats or not!