Charlie Sheen’s fiancee married to another man

Semi-Exclusive... Charlie Sheen Locking Lips With His New Lady Brett Rossi It looks like Charlie Sheen will have to wait to tie the knot with his new fiancee Brett Rossi. As it turns out, Rossi is still legally married to an unnamed man.

Jeff Ballard, Charlie’s rep, has confirmed to People magazine that Brett hasn’t divorced her estranged husband, as well as that the Anger Management star is aware of the situation.

“She’s been separated from this guy for two years. It’s just a matter of the paperwork winding its way through the court system… Charlie and Scottie (Rossi’s nickname) have no secrets,” Ballard said.

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4 responses to “Charlie Sheen’s fiancee married to another man”

  1. Peter says:

    Well, another interesting surprise around this scandalous couple. If Scottie is separated it is ok and Charlie can wait. I hope this will be his last marriage and I hope these two are truly happy. Hence, knowing the story of the Anger management star, I won’t be surprised one day his so dear beloved woman would turn into another object of his daring assaults and humiliation.

  2. Ernie says:

    Well Charlie Sheen is always messing up, if something in his life goes right than it is certainly not his life at all, as it is impossible for him to have everything going right, he is just not the person who would ever have things in his life going the right way. I feel sorry for the women who ever were with him, who are with him and who would ever be with him in the future, as he is a tyrant by his nature, and he will never relax until he will make the life of the woman near him miserable. And honestly speaking I don’t really understand what do women find about him that is catching their attention, he is not that pretty, I never noticed any type of charisma near him, in fact I never noticed anything beside aggressive behavior in all of his interviews, it seems that he hates the entire world, and everyone around him does the wrong things while he is the only person who is proceeding correctly, and for the some reason has the right to judge other people. That is not fair at all.

  3. Lila says:

    I am wondering what is so special about Charlie Sheen that all the women around him are simply chasing him and fall in love with him truly and unconditionally, as he never shows a lot of emotions except being mean to people. I don’t think he is able to love, for some reason I think there is something damaged inside of him, that is not letting him neither being happy, nor making someone near him happy. I think the roots of the problem come to his early childhood, maybe his father was violent towards his mother and that has affected him, I have no idea, but it is a fact that he is definitely suffering from problems that he has creating on his own in his mind. Sometimes I just cannot understand what dwells people being mean to the people who love them and would do anything to make them happy, and after I realize that it is just the human’s nature and I cannot get upset at the person who is just being himself instead of hiding true emotions and pretending someone else.

  4. Kathy says:

    I detest Charlie Sheen; he has broken so many lives, and so many women’s hearts. And the most pathetic thing is that I cannot understand why did all of the women he has ever dated in his life, loved him even after all the horrible things he have done to them, I mean what for? What is so special about him? And why can’t he be just a normal person who is taking care of his family and children, as he really does has a lot of children, but I think I have never really read anything stating that he is a good father who is taking his kids somewhere to the nature or at least spends time with them. But I did read some articles that were saying how much money he is paying to the women who have children from him each month, but I am wondering does he really think that his love can be measured by the amount of money he is spending on the kids each month? I am wondering how can a person not care about its child, how he is growing, how he says the first word, how he goes to school the first day and so on, I think all those things are so awesome, and it is not fitting my brain the fact how a father can not wish to see all those things by his own eyes. I wish there were more fathers like Bruce Willis or Ben Affleck who are taking very good care of their children, and who do not care about anything besides their families. That is the example what Hollywood actors should give to everyone.