Charlie Sheen’s fiancee obsessed with having big wedding

charlie-sheen-and-brett-rossi Brett Rossi, Charlie Sheen’s fiancee, is determined to have a big wedding and her future husband doesn’t like the idea. In fact, it is said that they have been fighting a lot over their upcoming nuptials.

A source told ”This wedding will be over the top, but Brett is being an absolute nightmare to deal with. She truly has become a real diva and no one likes dealing with her.”

Rossi has already fired one wedding planner, a friend of Charlie’s, and is looking for another one to help her organize the wedding of her dreams.

“Charlie had asked Brett to hire his friend, a small time party planner to handle their wedding,” the source said. “In the beginning, Brett agreed, just to make Charlie happy, as he was trying to give the guy some business.

Semi-Exclusive... Charlie Sheen Locking Lips With His New Lady Brett Rossi“But when it became clear to Brett that he couldn’t deliver the over-the-top wedding of her dreams, he was fired. Now Brett wants a big-name celebrity wedding planner, because she is obsessed with being in the press. She also wants a celebrity weekly magazine to do a full-length feature on the ceremony and reception!”

This will be the fourth time Charlie has walked down the aisle, while Brett has been married once before.

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