Charlie Sheen’s manager and lawyer quit

charlie-sheen-bus_3537711 After months of Charlie Sheen’s bizarre behavior, his lawyer, manager and publicist quit their jobs.

The actor’s manager, Mark Burg, entertainment lawyer, Jake Bloom, and publicist, Larry Solters, resigned from their posts last week.

A source told ”The bottom line was that Mark, Larry and Jake were unable to work effectively for Charlie. He is too much of a loose cannon at the moment with his increasingly erratic and bizarre behavior and outrageous statements. He was refusing to listen to their advice and counsel.”

On the other hand, a different source, close to Sheen, claims that the actor actually fired his advisers.

The insider said: ”They didn’t resign, they were all fired.”

charlie-sheen-brett-rossi-twitter-1According to another source, Charlie’s new girlfriend, Brett Rossi, is behind all the problems.

The source said: ”Things have been extremely chaotic in Charlie’s camp for several weeks, ever since he began dating Brett. His team expressed concerns over the relationship… He was not happy with being questioned about who he was dating, so Charlie fired them all. Brett had also encouraged Charlie to get rid of Mark, Larry and Jason because she believed they didn’t like her and were sabotaging the relationship. Brett is calling all the shots in Charlie’s life at the moment.”

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One response to “Charlie Sheen’s manager and lawyer quit”

  1. Melissa says:

    Well, this article doesn’t surprise me at all! No matter what the reason was Charlie is a bad interlocutor and definitely a hard man to work it. I need to confess it is hard to see him making statements. He is a very rude, rough and harsh, even when he says really right things. People just cannot tolerate such an attitude and cannot stand cheeky people. I would never work for such a ma. No money is worth your broken psychological comfort.