Charlize Theron compares press intrusion to rape


Promoting her new movie, A Million Ways to Die in the West, in the UK, Charlize Theron has spoken out on the subject of the media and has made a strong statement comparing paparazzi intrusion to rape.

The actress feels her privacy is being constantly invaded and is tired of media attention.

Asked by Sky News  if she ever Googled herself, Charlize replied: “I don’t do that, so that’s my saving grace. When you start living in that world, and doing that, you start I guess feeling raped.”

When the interviewer asked if she meant to use the word rape, she said: “Well, when it comes to your son and your private life. Maybe it’s just me. Some people might relish in all that stuff but there are certain things in my life that I think of as very sacred and I am very protective over them.


“I don’t always win that war but as long as I don’t have to see that stuff or read that stuff or hear that stuff then I can live with my head in a clear space, which is probably a lot healthier than living in that dark room.”

“My job has made my life incredibly blessed and good and I am very grateful for that, but it does not mean that every aspect of my life all of a sudden becomes fodder for an article,” she added.

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3 responses to “Charlize Theron compares press intrusion to rape”

  1. Lina says:

    Hmm while being a super star, every person should be aware that there are plusses in the carrier, and eventually there are minuses as well. So the fact that there is no private personal life for every person that has to do with the show business is pretty clear as well. So I do not see the reason why Charlize Theron is concerned that much, she knew all the advantages and disadvantages before “signing in” to this profession. I feel no sorry for her, she earns enough money in order to forget about her “wounded” feelings and shut up.

  2. Tanya says:

    I do understand Charlize Theron pretty well, I am not sure I would ever have that much courage as she does, in order to say that everything is fine, of course it is difficult for her to read articles stating some crazy things about her, eventually there are many of them, and they do not help her at all, as the majority of them are not true, and are able to hurt feelings! I guess that is the most difficult thing for her, to act like nothing is wrong, and everything is just fine. I think this scheme might work pretty well for her, but when it comes to her kids, I am sure she is not that calm, and turns into some super protective mother.

  3. Lolita says:

    I think for every person is very hard to hear some bad words, or not true things about itself, that is why I understand how Charlize is probably feeling, because she is not simply hearing bad stuff about her private life, but she is also reading it on a constant basis, but the worst thing is that she is not the only person who can do it, the whole world can do it as well! Now that is something which is not good at all! So eventually from moral point of view it is not pleasant at all, to be aware of this fact, but still keep the head up and pretend like everything is just fine!