Charlotte Gainsbourg’s aging issues

charlotte-gainsbourg-01 In a candid interview with Marie Claire magazine, Charlotte Gainsbourg has admitted she is terrified of aging and finds it difficult watching herself change on screen.

The 42-year-old Nymphomaniac star says she will have to quit acting if she doesn’t accept the fact that she is growing older.

”I don’t like ageing and I can see it happening. I find it very distressing,” she explains. ”Movies are getting hard for me. I don’t want to be embarrassed by my appearance when I see myself on film. So I don’t have a choice really, either I make peace with the fact that I’m ageing and that my face is getting harsher, or I don’t and I quit acting.”

Charlotte-GainsbourgCharlotte believed that after turning 40 the anxiety about aging would go away, but she still has some issues.

She says: ”I find it truly horrible, this between two ages thing – neither too old but no longer young either. I thought turning 40 was the peak, the epitome of horror, but it doesn’t get better. The decline doesn’t stop. I used to think only attractive people suffered from this, but I can assure you plain women like me – although I don’t think I’m ugly – suffer quite hard.”

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One response to “Charlotte Gainsbourg’s aging issues”

  1. Michelle says:

    Many people are afraid of aging. Aging is the natural process that happens tour bodies with time and we need to accept it. Not for everyone this process is easy, especially or popular people. Charlotte watches the movies with her acting there and she cannot estimate every detail that changed about her appearance on the screen. This is a sort of a reminder she is getting older. I wouldn’t quite acting, if I were her as she is a talented actress, I would work on accepting myself in a new look admitting the fact of time leaving the trace on my appearance. This is simply a psychological factor.