Cher: My relationship with Chaz is better than ever

alg-chaz-cher-jpg Speaking to Britain’s Notebook magazine, Cher said that things are much better now between her and her son Chaz Bono. She spent years trying to deal with his decision to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Back in 2009 Chastity Bono started her love change process and Cher was devastated to learn that her daughter wanted to undergo the procedure because she was afraid she wouldn’t recognize her own child. However, their relationship has improved significantly and they are getting on better than they have in years.

“We’re in the best place we’ve ever been since she was young. And I have to say ‘she’ because Chastity was a ‘she’ then and I have to make the distinction with Chaz as he is now. It’s starting to be nice because we’re creating memories now and we’ve actually had the most fun together lately than we’ve had in forever,” Cher said.

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