Cher won’t go to Russia

1126_cher_640 The latest celebrity who decided not to visit Russia because of its anti-gay laws is Cher.

The star, who is a gay rights activist, had planned to attend the Winter Olympic Games, but decided not to after new laws were passed which make life difficult for gay people in the country.

She told Attitude magazine: ”I have so many Russian friends and I wanted to go to the Olympics and now I can’t. I don’t understand it. The first time I went to Russia everything was fine and then this just exploded. My friend Oleg said, ‘This is so strange because it’s truly not the way the people feel out there. They are afraid over there.’ ”

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One response to “Cher won’t go to Russia”

  1. Bruce says:

    I wonder why gays are fighting for their right? It is we – normal people, who must fight for our rights now. We do not organize any parades or so on and so forth. We live normal life. They can be gays, but there is no need to emphasize this fact. Marriages and having kids for gays is sick, not normal. I wonder what has I common Cher’s visit to Russia and Russian laws. She is not Russian and is not Russian citizen. So, she better stays in the states and “fight” for the right of truly sick people there.