Cheyenne Jackson opens up about divorce

monte-lapka-and-cheyenne-jackson Glee star Cheyenne Jackson has released a statement in which he announces that he and his husband Monte Lapka are splitting after 13 years together. After that, on Friday (August 2), in a radio interview, the actor spoke about the divorce.

He said, “Yeah, it is a sad thing. It’s a sad thing anytime a relationship ends. We had a good long run, almost 13 years. Like (the statement) we released yesterday, it was mutual and it was amicable. He is a wonderful man. It’s a sad personal thing. Sometimes, I guess, I’m a little naive to think that people will even care, but they do. So, you have to understand the significance that your relationship had to other people. I know that our marriage meant a lot to other people. That’s not lost on me, and I respect that.”

cheyenne-1307311630_x-largeJackson also said that the rumors about him attending the Alcoholics Anonymous are true. He said: “That happens to be true. I started my recovery last summer and it became something I really wanted to focus on in my life and repairing relationships in my family and such. So, this is a really, strong, beautiful time for me, personally. It also is a very sad time because I am going through a divorce.”

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