Chloe Moretz to star in Sci-Fi movie ‘The 5th Wave‏’


According to, Chloe Moretz will land the lead role in sci-fi movie The 5th Wave.

The movie will be the adaptation of Rick Yancy’s novel, with Susannah Grant writing the script.

The 5th Wave tells a story of alien invasion, which leaves the Earth devastated and Moretz will play teenage girl Cassie Sullivan, who is among the survivors and sets out to rescue her brother.

The novel was published last year and is set to be a trilogy and GK Films acquired rights to the project. Sony is co-financing and distributing.

The movie will be directed by J Blakeson .


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One response to “Chloe Moretz to star in Sci-Fi movie ‘The 5th Wave‏’”

  1. Klark says:

    So many franchises….so many….
    Also I hated “If I Stay”…Most depressing book ever…and in the end, it just turned into so melodramatic teen love story.