Chris Pine: I’ve learned a lot from Kevin Costner

Chris+Pine+Jack+Ryan+Shadow+Recruit+Premieres+V2CTLQjuYbtl In an interview with Access Hollywood, Chris Pine talked about what it was like working with huge movie star such as Kevin Costner.

Pine admits he was at first nervous about working with his Oscar-winning co-star, but also that he’s learnt a lot about acting from him.

He said: ”Kevin was so wonderful and gracious. There was no patronizing happening. I think just by watching him you gain so much. Kevin just has a comfort in front of the screen. He’s been a movie star for so long – he knows how to do it. And you just watch.”


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4 responses to “Chris Pine: I’ve learned a lot from Kevin Costner”

  1. Khloe says:

    Kevin Costner is a legendary actor. He is a great example for many young actors. I am happy to hear that such a great and promising actor as Chris Pine has leaned much from him. This is another great talent of Hollywood, who gladdens the public with his works. I wish Chris Pane more of the roles that he likes.

  2. Carry says:

    Well no wonder, Kevin Costner is so wonderful, I think he is working for so long in the cinema industry, that it practically became a part of his life, and of the person he really is. Some people are just born being talented to do anything they try, and I guess that Kevin belongs to that list of gifted people. I admire him in each and every movie he is performing, as maybe he is not the most beautiful man in the world, but his huge charisma and mischievous smile are totally rocking my world. My favorite movie with him is the one where he plays with Whitney Houston, awe after that movie I wanted so bad those two to be together in their real life, especially considering the fact that Whitney’s husband was beating her all the time, and their fights were spotted not once in the media. I guess my favorite feature in Kevin’s character is the fact that he is a real man who knows how to protect his woman.

  3. Therese says:

    Kevin Costner, hell yeah, he is one of the coolest actors in Hollywood, I would even say the best one, as I enjoy all of the movies he is in. hmm, I am trying to figure out and it seems I have never seen him playing in any comedy movie, probably that is why I have a perception about him that he is all rough and tough. And that is exactly my type of a man, the one who knows what he wants, and when he wants something he doesn’t think of whether he really needs that or not, but is thinking of how to get what he wants, and gets it. I guess this type of a man is able to turn on each woman in the world, and especially if looking into those captivating eyes, awe mamma I am lost already.

  4. Geanine says:

    I guess, where are many things in Kevin Costner, what young actors can and need to learn from him. I guess Kevin Costner, belongs to the type of people whose born charm is simply destroying all the possible walls on the way to success. And also he has a great smile; I think he has something alike in the manner of behavior and acting to Bruce Willis or Richard Gere, all three of those gentlemen have discovered the secret of seduction. So any woman wouldn’t resist the charm of their smile and eyes. So this is one of the most important things to learn from, though I can say that in my opinion, those things are not something you can get and develop, but the ones which are born features. So I guess Chris Pine has many –many things to think of.