Clive Mantle’s Ear Bitten Off

Clive-Mantle Bizarre news coming from Newcastle! Game of Thrones star Clive Mantle had part of his ear bitten off after complaining about the noise in a hotel. Mantle was attacked at ‘Travelodge’ hotel after he asked a couple of guys to keep it quiet. A 32-year-old man pinned him to the floor and bit part of his ear off. The surgeons managed to reattach the piece of ear. The incident happened at 4.30 am on Sunday.

A spokesman for the actor’s agent said: “He is very shaken and shocked by what has happened, you don’t expect this kind of thing to happen in a hotel. The part of the ear that was bitten off was found and sewn back on. Mr. Mantle said the police, ambulance hospital staff were amazing.” The injury caused the actor to cancel his appearance in The Ladykillers show. “Clive doesn’t yet know when he will be able to rejoin the cast,” publicist for the play said.

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