Colin Farrell Doesn’t Take Criticism Well

2534-colin-farrell-1000x0-1 Everyone takes criticism in a different way. Some handle it better than others and Colin Farrell admits that he takes it personally. He admits that he read numerous reviews of his performance in Alexander and it wasn’t easy for him.

He said: ”I got some pretty special reviews. Unfortunately, I went to all four corners of the world to find every word I could that was written about it. I read it all. It was pretty tough. I say tough from a very sensitive, emotional place. It ain’t tough in the grand scheme of things, but when you put yourself out there and you’re really criticized and kinda called s**t, it’s not nice. So sure, you do take it personally.”

Colin-Farrell-colin-farrell-7419753-1024-768 Farrell explained that he always gives his all and works very hard on each and every movie, regardless of the genre. ”I work as hard as I can. I think my way through it a lot, and I feel my way through it a lot, and it means something to me. Even ‘Total Recall’ – a big summer movie, cost a f**king fortune. Even that. I couldn’t have worked on that if I couldn’t personalize it. Genuinely,” he said.

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