Colin Farrell: ‘Every Day Should Be Valentine’s Day’

colin-farrell-uk-premiere-of-a-new_4067531 Colin Farrell is definitely not a fan of Valentine’s Day and doesn’t get all the fuss surrounding it.

He believes people don’t need this sort of romantic reminder once a year and should show love every day.

Speaking to Wenn, Colin said: “Love is possibly underrated and the importance of it and how it’s prevalence in a single person’s life or in a shared community can make incredible changes and promote the idea of peace and harmony in a society or a person’s individual existence.

colin-farrell“I think love has to be the one thing that defines us as human beings; our ability to care for each other, our ability to demonstrate, through acts of compassion, a concern for your fellow man.”

He also added: “But Valentine’s Day; I don’t even know what that’s about. I mean it’s an excuse… I don’t think there’s anything wrong with flowers or chocolate covered cherries, but it would be nice if it didn’t take a commercially-promoted holiday for people to extend themselves in gestures of love.”

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4 responses to “Colin Farrell: ‘Every Day Should Be Valentine’s Day’”

  1. Julia says:

    I absolutely agree to Colin Farrell. Every day shroud be like St. Valkentine’s. Only one day dedicated for love a year is very underrated thing, indeed. We need to shod era and close people how we love them and care of them every day of our lives, not once a year when love has become very commercialized. Flowers, chocolates and champagne can be brought for no occasion while kissing and love making is an everyday pleasure and task of beloved hearts.

  2. Amy says:

    Honestly speaking before reading this article I never really liked Colin Farrell, as he always seemed to be too sweet for me, and as a result he always seemed fake to me. And now I read his opinion about the St. Valentine’s Day, and realize that we have the same opinion about it, I think it is amazing how two completely different persons are thinking about the same thing at the same time. Maybe he is not that bad after all and I should simply change my attitude towards him? Anyway I think I will rent a few movies with him, and will try to change my opinion. Any good advises of his movies? Come on people! My favorite genres are comedies or thrillers, though a thrilling comedy or funny thriller would e even better. Mmm, he is Irish also; I think I already start liking this dude, as I always dreamed of visiting Ireland, ever since I read the “Gone with the wind” book, and the one which is about Scarlett in Ireland mansion “Ballihara”.

  3. Ernie says:

    I guess Colin Farrell is such a cutie, and I love the fact that he is able to perform any kind of role, of a good or bad character, it doesn’t really matter to him, as he performs it equally well, which of course is very well. It think the only movie I didn’t really like with him was the call, as there was too much action under one single telephone box in the street, not to mention that I really hoped, the entire movie that they will show something else beside that stupid telephone box, but my dreams were just not meant to become true. I guess this is life, and these kinds of things really do happen, when you get so disappointed in movies that start hating the main actors as well. Though I do agree with the words he said about the St. Valentine’s holiday, as this day is not that much about love anymore, it is all about commercial stuff and selling the things that were difficult to sell during the other part of the year. In my opinion the most romantic day of the year is supposed to be not around of all this stuff, but around love, tenderness and mutual care of two loving hearts.

  4. Colette says:

    Hmm, I never thought before that stars are also celebrating Valentine’s Day, I thought in their world it is something common to live every day like it is a holiday, and there is no need in a special day, but obviously I was wrong. And by the way, I think Colin Farrell, is lying a bit I am sure that he is not being that nice and gentle to the lady he is being with, otherwise he wouldn’t be single right now. I mean what healthy woman would probably ever leave a man who is making her feel loves and special every single day of her life? I am sure that this kind of woman doesn’t even exist, we all are craving for love, tenderness and pampering, as this is the eventual role of woman in the world, while man’s role is providing and making home safe.