Colin Farrell: I Feel Young

images (1) Even though he is a father of two, Colin Farrell admits he still feels like a child. He said: ”I’m not 22 anymore but I’m not ancient. I’m a kid in many ways. Everything is relative.” Speaking about his career, the actor says he feels fortunate to get enough roles, even though the job is demanding.

He explained: ”If you’re fortunate and have the opportunity to work, which surprisingly enough, I still do frequently, it’s very easy. You do get spoiled and s**t. It’s not like being a coal miner. The hotels aren’t shabby. But it’s tiring and you do miss people.”

080212-total-recallColin also revealed that ever since he was a kid he was fascinated with sci-fi movies and he is a huge fan of the original Total Recall movie so he was very excited to accept the lead role in the 2012 remake of the film. ”I met the director and he showed me the artistic renderings of the world he was creating and I couldn’t get my head around it. I was like an eight-year-old. In my head I was thinking, ‘I can actually be in that frame with all that s**t around me’,” he said.

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