Colin Farrell on his Friendship with Elizabeth Taylor

1C47DF94 Many people were surprised to see Colin Farrell at Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral in 2011 but the truth is the two of them were good friends. Colin revealed that they had become very close after a chance encounter in October 2009.

“I was at the hospital when Henry was being born, and about an hour or two before he came into the world, I went for a smoke, and a couple of guys came in and said they were with Elizabeth Taylor, and I said: ‘Oh, is she all right?’ They said: ‘She’s fine, she’s just having a stent put in her heart, it’s no big deal.’ I said: ‘Tell her I said hello, although she probably won’t know who I am,’ and they said: ‘Oh, she knows who you are all right’ – which was one of the most pleasing things I’d ever heard in my life,” Colin said.

BS2BS578181“So Henry was born, we got home, and two days later I called my publicist and said: ‘Can you send some flowers to Elizabeth Taylor from me, please?’ She said: ‘That’s funny, but there are some flowers here from Elizabeth Taylor to you!’ And then ensued the most unique friendship I’ve ever had. She was a great friend and a faithful friend, and, oh, I loved her.”

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