Colin Firth confused by Woody Allen’s directing

colin Working with Woody Allen, on new period drama Magic in the Moonlight, was certainly a unique experience for Colin Firth. The actor was very surprised by Allen’s directing methods and lack of instructions on set.

In one scene, Firth’s character recites a prayer to God. He recalled: “In this case (of the soliloquy), there really is nobody else (in the scene) but the all-seeing eye of the director, who, if he is happy, you just hear the sound of the crew packing up and going off to shoot something else…!

“If he wanted to be very specific about something, you’d hear a lot from him. And sometimes he’d just say, ‘Do whatever, you know, whatever you want. If you wanna change it’.”

CHowever, the problem was that Colin had no idea what to do and what the director wanted most of the time.

He explained: “Well, I didn’t know what I wanted most of the time, I just wanted to know what he wanted! I would do something and then he would just (say), ‘That’s not it’, or he might come up and say, ‘That was funny, if only to me…'”


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