Contractor Claims Stallone Threatened Him

sylvester-stallone400 The lawsuit Sylvester Stallone filed against a contractor Mohamed Hadid is now getting even more attention thanks to the contractor’s new claims. He got a temporary restraining order against the actor because of the alleged threats.

Hadid claims that Stallone walked up to him saying: “I am going to kill you motherf****r.” But that’s not all. The contractor reveals more juicy details, saying that Sly abused his dog. He claims that, while he was working on the actor’s house, he saw the star grabbing the dog by the neck and throwing it in the crib. Even worse, Hadid says that Stallone once caused a scene threatening to smash the contractor’s head with a baseball bat. However, all this is nothing compared to an alleged incident when Sly told Hadid: “Get these dirty Mexicans out of here or I will blow your head off.” The contractor will have to prove the allegations.Mohamed-Hadid

Marty Singer, the actor’s lawyer, says that this is just Hadid’s way of trying to influence the upcoming trial. “This is a desperate attempt by a man who wants to be a media star, which is why he’s a guest star on Shahs of Sunset,” the lawyer said.

Stallone sued the contractor for $1.4 million.

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