Corey Feldman’s autobiography reveals horrific abuse

corey-feldman-photo Former child actor Corey Feldman opens up about his traumatic childhood in his memoir Coreyography. In the upcoming autobiography he details the sexual, emotional and physical abuse he suffered as a child in Hollywood.

By age 7, Feldman was a successful commercial actor and during the 80’s he was famous for his roles in movies such as The Lost Boys, The Goonies and Stand By Me. However, he didn’t have the support he needed from his parents. His mother Sheila, a former Playboy model, constantly abused Corey, both verbally and physically. She tortured her son about his weight and force-fed him diet pills. Sheila even threatened to kill him.

f6c69d3f15a0ea95e6dc9f1e2d7d1a71In his memoir Feldman particularly focuses on his relationship with Corey Haim, whom he met while working together on the film The Lost Boys. Their relationship broke down when, during their reality show, The Two Coreys, Haim revealed he was sexually abused. Feldman wrote that, whilst Haim was filming for the 1986 movie Lucas, an adult male convinced him sexual relations between older males and young boys in the entertainment industry was usual.

The book details how, from the age of 14-24, he and Haim lived with their abusers and partied. Feldman also references his ‘friendships’ with a number of older men in his late teens including Ron, his father’s assistant, who sexually abused him for years.

Coreyography is due to be released on 28th October.

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2 responses to “Corey Feldman’s autobiography reveals horrific abuse”

  1. Dora says:

    Here is a painful way to the fame. It is sad to here when parents abuse their children. This ruins their psychics. But what can you wait from a Playboy star?! The truly good childhood is when you receive enough of love, care and attention from your close ones. I admire Corey for coming this way and being a great persona and writing such a candid book. Not everyone would be so courageous to reveal such peculiarities of their life. I am interested to read the book when it sees the light.

  2. Barbie Girl) says:

    Very sad to learn this! However, as they say suffering make the soul more sensitive and much more kind than by average people. I can see so much kindness and love in his eyes. He is just a dream man! Wow! I cannot tear my off this picture!