Courteney Cox shuts down engagement rumors

Courteney Cox at An Evening Of Environmental Excellence in LA

After being spotted wearing a diamond ring on her wedding finger, numerous reports have emerged suggesting that Courteney Cox is engaged to her boyfriend Johnny Mcdaid. However, the actress has denied the rumors.

She appeared at the Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday and when asked if she and Johnny were engaged, Cox simply said “No.”

So, there won’t be any wedding soon but Courteney and Johnny did collaborate on her directorial debut, Just Before I Go, with the rocker writing three songs for the movie.

The actress said: “It was great, it actually worked. We really respect each other… and it’s been amazing. I’ve been really lucky because I got three fantastic original songs that were made just for the film and it really elevates the material.”


Courteney also collaborated with her ex-husband David Arquette and daughter Coco. She is very pleased with David’s performance, but things didn’t go so smoothly with little Coco.

“She’s not as collaborative as you think, she’s a little hard-headed, doesn’t take direction. She thinks she knows what to do and I had to say, ‘Alright,’ but she was right,” Cox said. “But David is great, he’s fantastic. He’s such a great actor, but it’s great to direct someone you know so well because you get to change things… We all have our go-to stuff and if I know that, I can steer him in a different direction.”

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