Courteney Cox wants a new look

courteney_cox_691114 Former Friends star Courteney Cox wants to change her hair style, but hasn’t come up with a new look yet.

She told the MailOnline: ”I do think it’s nice to change and am thinking about the possibility of having a new look, but I just don’t have one in mind yet.

”I’ve had a few different looks over the years but I always end up going back to my signature long, beachy style. It’s inevitable that you will keep returning to the same look when you find one that suits you and feels comfortable.”

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3 responses to “Courteney Cox wants a new look”

  1. Matthew says:

    If Courtney has found her signature style, why would she want to change it? She will get back to it anyways! Well, we all like experimenting and changing looks, but we are only happy when these changes were done for the best. I just hope she doesn’t listen to her impulsive decision and will consider all “pros” and “contras” of the new look. I like her long bitchy signature style. She is just hot!

  2. Daniel says:

    Courtney, never do so! You are a stylish, sexy woman with her own classy style. I am dying for it. You will break my heart if you change even a thing about you. Please, do not do this. If you don’t wish to have one fan less. )))

  3. Pete says:

    Never change your style, Courtney. You are simply irresistible just the way you look now. The sexiest and the most elegant look! This has become your business card and elegance icon, so, please do not change anything. Listen to your admirers and you will never have to regret!