Craziest celebrity purchases

With fame and wealth come extravagant spending habits. From insanely expensive champagne to ridiculous stuff like dog mansions and dinosaur skulls, stars like to treat themselves some crazy, overpriced things every once in a while. Here are the most outrageous purchases made by celebrities.

Angelina Jolie









In May 2012, UK tabloid The Sun reported that Angelina Jolie had shelled out $1 million on a luxury helicopter. An anonymous source told the newspaper she bought the aircraft exclusively for her future husband Brad Pitt. Apparently “they would like to be able to fly to and from Cannes.”

Nicolas Cage









Cage who reportedly owns a jet, two yachts, three castles, two islands in the Bahamas, a fleet of about 50 cars, shelled out $276,000 for a dinosaur skull. And that’s not all. He actually outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for the fossil! Cage also once owned his own island in the Bahamas and a collection of shrunken heads. Among his list of extravagant purchases was the 28-room Bavarian castle the actor was sadly forced to sell in 2009 due to the “difficult economic situation.”

Amanda Seyfried

2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Sunset Tower - Arrivals








Amanda Seyfried, while promoting her movie Red Riding Hood in London, purchased a stuffed horse. Not the fluffy toy, but the stuffed-with-sawdust kind. Seyfried is a fan of taxidermy, seeing it as a form of art. Her new friend’s name is Antoine and was only 3 weeks old before passing on and into a form of art for Seyfried’s enjoyment. No listed price has been given, except, “thousands”.

Lady Gaga









We all know she is a bit quirky and eccentric, but did you know Lady Gaga believes in ghosts? And not in the spiritual sense, she believes that ghosts are out to get her, specifically, a ghost named Ryan. She splashed out $50,000 to get electromagnetic field equipment and other ghost-detecting gear.


Beyonce "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" - Los Angeles








Leggings have become a firm fashion favorite with celebs over the last few years, and Beyoncé is definitely one of the biggest fans. The singer wore a pair of gold, Balenciaga leggings in 2007 that were worth $100,000. And the singer’s elaborate spending doesn’t stop at clothes. She treated her husband, Jay-Z, to a $1.7 million Bugatti sports car for his 41st birthday.

Gwyneth Paltrow









On a list of things she can’t live without, Gwyneth put DeGournay hand painted wallpaper at the very top, saying, “I indulged with one wall in my London living room covered in a gorgeous pattern.” At $650 per panel and $12,000 a room, the wallpaper is not something an ordinary person can afford. But, then again, Gwyneth is not ordinary.

Daniel Radcliffe









Harry Potter star knows the importance of good night’s sleep so he invested big bucks in a mattress. Radcliffe shelled out $17,000 on the custom made Savior mattress from Savior Beds. It is made of horse hair fleece and pine wood and is completely hand sewn by children who have been bred since birth to create the finest mattresses.

Paris Hilton









Paris Hilton loves her dogs so much that she built them a $325,000 dog mansion that’s a replica of her own home. The two level bright pink doggy home features a living room, bedroom and closet where the pups keep their designer duds. It’s also heated, air conditioned, and has a black chandelier and ceiling molding.

Jamie Foxx









Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx has made ridiculous purchases with his money, but he admits this one was silly. He bought a crocodile skin jacket for $18,000. “It was crazy. Stupid. I’ve never worn it. It never matched anything and it didn’t even fit properly. I don’t even have the jacket now – I don’t know where it is,” Foxx said.

Kim Basinger









Kim passed on castles and decided to buy an entire town in Georgia for $20 million back in 1989. A Georgia native, her intention was to turn the town of Braselton into a tourist attraction with movie studios and a film festival. Basinger was forced to sell the town for $1 million and file for bankruptcy 5 years later.




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  1. KIm says:

    Well, the poor will never understand the rich and the man who just ate will never understand the staring person. We are all blessed in life some are more some are less and the spirit of life and portion of zest is different by different people. If they are wealthy people and can afford spending money on lavish life style and purchase really expensive things they like why not? The price doesn’t really matter, I believe the idea is that the wished of owing the thing that a person wants is the key here. Besides, many of the people enumerated in this article take part in charities and help people, who are in need. So, I believe why not?