Dakota Fanning: I don’t parade my personal life


Despite growing up in the spotlight Dakota Fanning stayed grounded and she believes it’s because she managed to keep her personal life out of the public eye.

The actress doesn’t like to reveal too much about herself and only makes headlines with her work.

“I’m just never going to parade my personal life. If you choose to not do it, it’s not hard to not do it,” she told Town & Country magazine. “Any part of an artistic business is made better by there being a little mystery. That’s what movies are about.”

Dakota shot to fame after appearing in 2003’s Uptown Girls and won fans at a very young age, but admits she wasn’t always comfortable with all aspects of childhood stardom.

Dakota+ FanningShe said:  “Because people saw me grow up, there’s this weird sort of ownership that they feel for me and that is… difficult. Because it’s not real; it’s in their minds. People don’t know me as much as they think they do.

“I’ll be walking down the street and someone will say hello, and I’ll go, ‘Oh, hi!’ I’ll think I must know this person if they said hello, but then you realize, you don’t know them.”

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