Daniel Radcliffe About Richard Griffiths

download As we already reported, Richard Griffiths died after complications following a heart surgery. The beloved British actor made a great impact on many lives and one of the most popular stars of today, Daniel Radcliffe was one of the first to pay tribute to Griffiths.  “Richard was by my side during the most important moments of my career. I was proud to know him. In August 2000, before official production had even begun on Potter, we filmed a shot outside the Dursleys’, which was my first ever shot as Harry. I was nervous and he made me feel at ease,” said Radcliffe. He continued: “Seven years later, we embarked on ‘Equus’ together. It was my first time doing a play but, terrified as I was, his encouragement, tutelage and humor made it a joy. In fact, any room he walked into was made twice as funny and twice as clever just by his presence.” Daniel speaks of the late actor as a man of great talent and spirit, adding: “I am proud to say I knew him.”

Griffith’s agent Simon Beresford said: “Richard brightened my days and enriched the life of anyone he came into contact with. Richard gave acting a good name. “images

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