Daniel Radcliffe: Shakespeare is scary

2013 Sundance Portrait - Kill Your Darlings Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe says he would like to land a role in some Shakespeare play one day. Although he finds Shakespeare’s works a bit scary, he dreams of playing Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream before moving on to some more dramatic roles.

“I would love to do Puck, partly because it’s the first role I ever talked about to (British theater director) Michael Grandage when I was 14. He said, ‘What theater do you like? What have you seen?’ And I said I’d love to play Puck… Shakespeare is something that’s very intimidating to me – the language. But I’d definitely, definitely like to take something on soon… Or the other parts I’ve always loved – well there are two in Romeo and Juliet actually – Romeo and Mercutio,” Radcliffe said.

The actor also added that he hopes that someday he will be ready to play Hamlet.

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