David Duchovny wants another ‘X Files’ movie

David+Duchovny During a Q&A on Reddit.com, David Duchovny has revealed that the script for new The X-Files movie is being written but it’s not going as fast as he would like because of Chris Carter’s busy schedule. Duchovny urges fans to show their desire for a third film.

He said, “I think Chris is working on a script. Chris is shooting a pilot right now, so he might not be working on a script, but he claims to be working on a script, and if he does do that and Fox wants to make it… Gillian will do it, I will do it, so start your writing campaign now. Seriously. We’d all love to do it. The ball is in Fox’s hands. And not Fox Mulder, Fox the studio.”

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One response to “David Duchovny wants another ‘X Files’ movie”

  1. John says:

    I support David Duhivny! I have a desire for a third film! I am a fan of this TV series and would be crazy happy to see its sequel! We all would love to watch it, yes, guys? Davit and Gillian are a perfect match for this movie, cannot imagine X Files without them, do you agree?